According to Hindu religion, Kedarnath Dham, situated in the lap of the Himalayas, is considered as one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. According to Hindu Puranas, this holy abode which is covered with snow for almost 6 months of the year is said to be the abode of Lord Shiva. It is believed that Lord Shiva resides here all the time in the form of Trikod Shivling. Although the stories related to this place are described in Pauranic texts, but there is also a story related to this place in Mahabharata, in which it has been told that Lord Shiva had given darshan to the Pandavas here. After which the Pandavas built this Dham.


According to the stories described in the religious texts, after the victory in the Mahabharata war, Yudhishthir, the eldest of the Pandavas, was made the king of Hastinapur. After that, Yudhishthira ruled Hastinapur meanwhile, the five Pandavas were reviewing the Mahabharata war sitting with Lord Krishna. In the review, Pandavas told Lord Kirshna that we all brothers have the stigma of killing our kith and kin and how can we remove this stigma. Then Lord Krishna told the Pandavas that even though it is true that you have won the war, but you have become a part of the sin because of the killing of your Guru and your kith and kin. Because of these sins it is impossible for you to get salvation. But only Mahadev can get you rid of these sins so go to the shelter of Mahadev. After that Lord Krishna returned to Dwarka after that, the Pandavas started worrying about getting rid of their sins and kept thinking in their mind that when they should go to the shelter of Lord Shiva after leaving the Raj Paath.

Meanwhile, one day the Pandavas came to know that Vasudev had left his body and had returned to his supreme abode. Hearing this, even the Pandavas did not feel it appropriate to live on the earth. Guru Pitamah and Sakha were all left behind in the battlefield. Mother, eldest father and uncle Vidur had also gone to the forest. Lord Krishna, the eternal helper, was also no more. In such a situation, the Pandavas handed over the kingdom to Parikshit and left Hastinapur along with Draupadi and set out in search of Lord Shiva.

After leaving Hastinapur, Pandavas and Draupadi first reached Kashi to see Lord Shiva, but they could not find him there, after that they tried to find Lord Shiva at many places, but wherever these people go, Lord Shiva leaves that place. In this sequence, one day the five Pandavas and Draupadi reached the Himalayas in search of Lord Shiva. Here too when Lord Shiva saw these people he hid but here Yudhishthira saw Lord Shiva hiding. Then Yudhishthir said to Lord Shiva, O Lord, no matter how much you hide, we will not leave here without seeing you and I also know that you are hiding because we have committed a sin.

After saying this by Yudhishthira, the five Pandavas started moving forward, at the same time a bull pounced on them and Bhima started fighting with it. Meanwhile, the bull hid its head between the rocks, after which Bhim started pulling it by holding its tail, then the torso of the bull separated from the head and the torso of that bull turned into Shiva Linga and after a few moments, Lord Shiva appeared from that Shiva Linga.

Lord Shiva forgave the sins of the Pandavas and even till today, the Shivling of Kedarnath, the pride of this incident, is present in the form of the hump of a bull. Seeing Lord Shiva in front of them, the Pandavas bowed down to him and after that Lord Shiva showed the Pandavas the way to heaven and then disappeared. After that Pandavas worshiped that Shiva Linga and today the same Shiva Linga is known as Kedarnath Dham. Because Lord Shiva himself had shown the way to heaven from here to Pandavas, hence Kedar is considered as the place of salvation in Hinduism. And it is such a belief that if someone comes out with the resolve to see Kedar and dies, then that soul does not have to take birth again.

Kedarnath Temple Opening date 2023 is 25.04.2023


Helicopter is the easiest way to reach Kedarnath Dham and is best suitable for old age, ill health and persons having a tight schedule. Where trekking to the Kedarnath Temple can take anywhere between one day or two days, relatively the same can be done very quickly through heli service.

There are 3 Helipads for Kedarnath dham 

  • Guptkashi
  • Phata
  • Sirsi


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