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Lansdowne: A Peaceful Retreat

  • Which place immediately comes to your mind the moment you think about a mini vacation or a weekend getaway that is in the near vicinity of Delhi? Place like Haridwar, Rishikesh, Shimla, or Mussoorie will inevitably be some of the most popular Choices. But there is another beautiful destination that not many are aware of the serene little town of Lansdowne!
  • Lansdowne makes up for an ideal scenic travel destination for weekend trips because it is complete with straightforward to-reach hill stations in the Himalayan foothills of Uttarakhand. This place is brimming with stunning vistas that are perfect for taking a break for a few days from the hustle and bustle of the busy city culture.
  • Situated at an altitude of around 1700 meters above sea level, Lansdowne is a small hill station in the Pauri Garhwal region in Uttarakhand.
  • The actual name of Lansdowne in the old days was Kaludanda, which stands for the “Black Forest” in Garhwali. (“Kalu” stands for black, and “Danda” is forest.)
  • But it was changed to “Lansdowne” in 1887 after Lord Lansdowne, the viceroy of India at that period, visited this town in 1884. The Britishers eventually developed this place to cater to the “Recruits Training Center” of the Garhwal Rifles. The Indian Army now governs the Garhwal Rifles and its headquarters is located in this town.
  • Lansdowne is a cantonment in reality since it serves as one of the bases of the Indian Army. Because of the high-end administration undertaken the cantonment board, the entire area is elegant, well mantained, well connected accessible highways, yet less commercialized. As a result, this place still retains its unmatched peaceful ambiance, unlike most other well-known hill stations of the country that are subjected to getting exploited due to the extreme tourism rush.
  • Having mentioned that, Lansdowne doesn’t fall short in mesmerizing anyone. This article will focus on the places you can visit and the fun things you can do while in Lansdowne.

Places To Visit In Lansdowne
The scenic nature and the breathtaking aura of Lansdowne are like no other place, and you will enjoy every moment you spend in this beautiful town. It is safe to say that the entire city of Lansdowne is a tourist attraction. Yet, there are a few spots that rank above the rest.
You will find the list mentioning all the places of tourist attractions in Lansdowne below.

Exploring Things
  • Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Garhwal Rifles Regimental War Memorial
  • Darwan Singh Museum
  • Durga Devi Temple
  • Bhim Pakora
  • Bhulla Taal Lake
  • Tip N Top Hill Station
  • John’s Church
  • Kalagarh Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Mary’s Church
  • Garhwali Mess
  • War Memorial
  • Kaleshwar Temple
  • Kilkile Wale Pirbaba Mazar
  • Jwalpa Devi Temple
  • Bhairav Gauri Temple
  • Satyanarayan Temple
  • Santoshi Mata Temple
  • Lovers Lane
  • Church Library
  • Things To Do In Lansdowne
    If you want to ask what are some fun activities to do while you’re in Lansdowne, then the answer is ‘nothing in specific!
    There are no adventure sports that you can indulge in, no big-scale commercial markets for shopping, or no chain of high-end restaurants available to snap and share with your internet friends. But that is precisely what you should be visiting Lansdowne for! It is just another quiet little town that is peacefully tucked up in the foothills of the Himalayas where you can relax for hours and break the monotony of fast-paced life while forgetting the rest of the world.
    Among the places listed above, the most leisurely activity will be boating in Bhulla Lake. Yet, you can indulge yourself in a few moves, such as:
  • Camping
    Camping under the bright blue sky is one of the most sought-after things in Lansdowne. The vast open valleys overlooking the mountains make it a perfect place for setting up camps and settling in for a night of bonfires with good food.
  • Trekking
    If you are a fan of trekking, then you can arrange for one talking to any of the local tour operators and spend a few days trekking into the heart of the Himalayan woods.
  • Nature Walks
    Nature walking is one of the most mind-soothing things to do while you visit Lansdowne. The lush green forests offer stunning views of the undulating valley with the mighty hills in the background. So many trails lead you further into the woods that you will even spot some of the most exotic and intrinsic flora and fauna.
  • Jungle Safari
    If you love to catch a glimpse of the fauna and explore nature’s wilderness, then this place will please you. There are multiple local tour operators in Lansdowne that organize jungle safaris into the heart of the forests, where you can watch various wild animals and birds in their natural habitat.
  • Bird Watching
    Bird watching is another popular indulgent activity, but you must go to Kalagarh to experience the best.

Wildlife & Nature Photography
The natural beauty of Lansdowne makes it an ideal place for nature lovers interested in photography. Another place that attracts a lot of wildlife and photography enthusiasts every year is the Kalagarh Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a part of the Corbett National Park and much farther away from Lansdowne.

Best Time For Visiting Lansdowne

The best time to visit Lansdowne depends on what you want to experience.
People have a lot of reasons to visit this place- some come here to see the snowfall, some come here to seek refuge from the hot weather, some come here to fulfill their photography interests, while others come to spend some quality time with their family and friends.
Likewise, January will be the best month to visit if you want to see the snow, even though Lansdowne doesn’t receive much snowfall.
The spring months of March and April are ideal for coming with your family.
If you want to experience the greenery and blooming colors of nature, then the months of April, August, and September will be the best. And, if you want to get the sepia tone in your memory, then the autumn mcnths of late September and October will be the best.
Whatever the reason is, Lansdowne is not going to disappoint you.

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Delhi – Lansdowne (including sightseeing) (Leave Delhi early morning to beat the traffic. Post-breakfast enroute, reach Lansdowne at early noon. Check into your hotel room to freshen up. Visit famous sightseeing in Lansdowne such as Tip N Top, old British-era churches and an army museum. Enjoy boating at enchanting Bhulla Tal. Return in late evening to have your dinner. Retire for the night in your hotel room.)

Lansdowne – Tarkeshwar – Lansdowne (After a delightful breakfast, leave for famous Tarkeshwar Mahadev temple near Lansdowne. Located 37 kms from Lansdowne, the revered Shiva temple is situated in amidst tall Palm trees (known as ‘Taar’ locally). Pay your obeisance at this serene holy site. Enjoy the scenic views from the temple. Return to Lansdowne same day and go for a walk in Lansdowne market. After a delicious dinner, have a restful sleep in your hotel.)

Lansdowne – Delhi (Get early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise amidst the hills. After a heartfelt breakfast, depart for Delhi. Reach Delhi in late afternoon depending upon the traffic.)


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