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Jim Corbett: The Ultimate Wildlife Escapade
Once you visit the ultimate wildlife haven of the Jim Corbett National Park in person, you will understand how closely scenic nature and offbeat adventures are associated.
Jim Corbett National park is renowned for its scenic views, exotic wildlife, and widespread flora and fauna. Situated at an altitude range of 1300 to 4000 ft above sea level, the park remains cool throughout the year.
Since the park is spread over 1300 square kilometers, it is always brimming with active animals and chirping birds. Therefore, you can easily catch glimpses of many wildlife creatures, including lions, tigers, elephants, foxes, and more, who come near the water body to drink water.

Places To Visit In Jim Corbett National Park
If you have gone through our previous blogs listing the places to visit in Nainital or Lansdowne, you will understand how closely situated the landscape of Jim Corbett is to those places. The national park is located around 64 kilometers from Nainital, and it takes over an hour or two to reach road.
Jim Corbett National Park has become increasingly popular over the last few decades due to several spots of tourist interest, such as:

  • Corbett Museum
    If you want to know about the history and every information related to Jim Corbett National Park, you must visit the Corbett Museum. The Corbett museum is housed in the residential abode of Sir Jim Corbett, which contains much information about tigers and other animals. Jim was a well-known conversationalist after whom this national park hac been named.
    You will also come across a local shop while visiting the museum, which sells a variety of local hand-crafted materials that you can purchase as a souvenir.
  • Garjia Temple
    This prehistoric temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi is one of the must-visit places near Jim Corbett. The temple houses a black granite idol of Lakshmi and Narayan that dates back to the 9th century. Moreover, the temple brims with devotees during November and December.
    Likewise, some other places of religious significance include:
  • Durga Mandir
  • Sitabani Temple
  • Hanuman Dham
    The following two locations are known for organizing various aquatic adventures and thrilling activities:
  • Kosi River
  • Corbett Falls
    A part from all these attractions, it would help if you tried to visit some significant zones in the national park, such as:
  • Dhikala zone
  • Jhirna zone
  • Bijrani zone
  • Durga devi zone

Things To Do In Jim Corbett National Park
There are a lot of things you can do here, like:

  • Wildlife Safari
    Wildlife Safari is undoubtedly the most popular activity to indulge while visiting Jim Corbett. And if you’re an ardent animal lover and photography enthusiast, this would be no less than heaven.
    Multiple options are available for you to enjoy the Safari on your way. Out of them, the open-air jeep Safari is considered the safest mode to explore the nooks and crannies of the park. You can spot various animals such as tigers, red foxes, elephants, black bears, and many more.
    Apart from the jeep safari, a safari on elephants allows you to experience the park’s beauty, which is another way under the expert guidance of mahouts.
  • Bird Watching
    In addition to the wildlife, if you are a fan of bird watching, then Jim Corbett is the ideal place to visit. The national park boasts of more than 600 species of exotic, local, and migratory birds. And the best time to indulge in this activity would be during the winter months of November and December.
  • River Rafting
    River rafting in Jim Corbett is the most vigorous activity that attracts the majority of adventure-loving tourists. The raging waters of the river Kosi that flows through the lush geography of the National Park give the whole place a mesmerizing charm.
  • Aquatic Adventures
    If you’re looking forward to enjoying adventure activities in Jim Corbett, you can try rappelling, river crossing, or fishing expeditions.
  • Mountain Climbing
    Rock/mountain climbing is one of the best things in Jim Corbett, especially for those who like to indulge in challenging activities. You will enjoy the same thrill as a novice or a professional climber during your course.
  • Trekking
    What’s better than discovering the dense forests on foot while getting the rarest glimpses of various animals, including elephants, deer, apes, and foxes? The way to Sitabani temple in the Jim Corbett region is the best place to trek..
  • Camping
    Suppose you want to eliminate the exhaustion after indulging yourself in all these adventurous activities. In that case, you can book a camp for yourself because recharging yourselves amidst the serenity of nature while tracing back all the thrilling adventures is the best way to enjoy your journey.In addition to all these activities, you can engage in the bonfire party arranged the resort staff.

Best Time For Visiting Jim Corbett
If you are planning to capture the best face of Jim Corbett National Park, the best time to visit is in the winter months of November to March. During this time, all the zones in the national park are opened to visitors. Therefore, you have a better chance to see various exotic and local animals, birds, reptiles and more.
However, you must note that this park is closed during the monsoon months of June to November.
Two to three days are sufficient to visit the entire region and the vicinity of Jim Corbett National Park. That’s why it makes up for an ideal place for having a weekend getaway, preferably in the winter season.
So, if you want to plan a visit during Christmas or the New Year’s weekend, go ahead! After all, what’s better than spending the new year in the near vicinity of Jim Corbett?

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